Are you looking for a new destination? Would you like to pick one random country anywhere in the world? These random generators let you pick random destinations and much more.

Finding a page called “Random Generators” on a sustainable travel blog can feel a bit, well, random. However, I have a long history with random travel.

During my first InterRail trip way back in 2012, I chose my destinations by throwing darts on the map of Europe. I’ve let my blog followers choose my destination. I’ve gotten off the train in a random city in India. I even traveled to a random destination anywhere in the world. And those are just the random travels I’ve written about.

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We travel to experience new things. Very few of us want to know everything about our journeys beforehand – we want to be surprised. Adding some randomness to your life and travels can refresh your mind in many ways.

The route of my first InterRail trip in 2012.

Random Generators for Life and Travel

To help others choose random destinations, I’ve created multiple random country pickers on this website. They let you choose a random country either anywhere in the world or in a specific region. I’ve also made a random generator that picks a random U.S. state.

As a sustainable travel blogger, I suggest you reach your destination by traveling as sustainably as possible. You can get some ideas for that on my Flightless Travel page. If you wish to fly, I suggest you compensate your CO2 emissions with an organization such as Atmosfair.

But of course, you are free to travel any way you like and you can use these generators for any purposes you have. Instead of choosing a destination, you might need to pick a country for something else. The random destination generators are here to serve you with any goals that you have.

I’m responsible for the content of the generators, while my friend Lauri K is responsible for the programming of the random generators. As I can create any kind of random generator with the same basis, I might add generators for things other than destinations in the future.

If you have an idea for a generator you’d like to see here, share your ideas in the comments below!