This vegan recipe generator picks random vegan recipes from over 200 options. The randomizer features the easiest and best recipes.

A vegan recipe generator on a travel blog can feel a bit random. But in this case, it makes more sense than you might expect.

First of all, this website and I have a long history with randomness. I have picked random destinations all over the world. I have also created dozens of random generators for Arimo Travels.

Besides, this site focuses on sustainable travel – and sustainability and veganism go hand in hand. To give this randomizer some global flavor, I have included recipes from random countries around the world.

Random Vegan Recipe Generator

This randomizer picks a vegan dish to cook from over 200 options. I have picked some of the best recipes from popular Google searches. The meals can be sorted into the following categories:

  1. Cheap, easy, quick and vegan recipes
  2. Recipes without weird ingredients
  3. Meat-like meals
  4. Fancy food
  5. Global dishes around the world

I have explained my process of selecting the recipes in more detail below. However, you can simply skip that part and use the randomizer below to find random vegan recipes to cook!

Your random vegan recipe is…


Vegan Recipes Included in the Generator

I have not created any vegan recipes for this generator. Instead, the vegan recipe generator links to recipes on other websites. I found the recipes by researching popular search terms and picking random countries.

1) Cheap, Easy, Quick and Vegan Recipes

Most people who search for meals to prepare want to find something easy. That’s why search terms like “vegan recipes easy”, “simple vegan recipes” and “quick vegan recipes” are popular on search engines. A third of the results come from these searches

2) Vegan Recipes without Weird Ingredients

This group overlaps with the first one, although the focus is slightly different. I discovered a tenth of the recipes with keywords “vegan recipes without weird ingredients” and “simple vegan recipes”.

3) Meat-Like Meals

While some plant-eaters don’t miss meat, others want to make meat-free versions of popular dishes. Another 10 % of the results come from a search for “vegan recipes to impress meat eaters”.

4) Fancy Vegan Recipes

“Fancy vegan recipes” is not a common inquiry on Google. However, I felt that adding a few gourmet dishes would make the random vegan recipes more diverse and interesting.

5) Vegan Recipes from Random Countries

Finally, I used my own Random Country Generator to pick random countries. Whenever available, I picked 1-3 recipes from each random country.

While searching for vegan foods around the world, I discovered a whole subculture of global vegan food blogs. Websites such as Polkadot Passport, Slavic Vegan, The Vegan Cook’s Passport and Vegan Physicist made finding international dishes easy!

Vegan Recipe Generator. about this random generator, random destination, random city.

As I try to live sustainably, I have reduced my traveling and discovered other ways to experience different cultures. Picking recipes from other countries has been a great way to feel connected to the rest of the world.

The picture at the top is from Le Potager de Charlotte, a vegan restaurant I visited during a mostly flightless trip of Europe in the summer of 2022.