This random US county generator picks a random place in America from 3,245 different options.

In the United States, counties are smaller subdivisions of states. In total, there are over 3,000 counties and county equivalents in the USA. County equivalents include the boroughs of Alaska and the parishes of Louisiana, among others.

I have previously created a random US state generator and a random US city generator. The state selector covers the whole country, but it doesn’t offer a very specific location. Meanwhile the city picker focuses on more densely populated areas.

A random US county generator is perfect for picking a random place in America. It covers the whole country on a suitable scale. This generator covers all the states and territories of the United States.

Random US County Generator

This randomizer is based on Wikipedia’s list of United States counties and county equivalents. Each result comes with the name of the county, its state or territory and its population in the 2020 census.

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The idea for this random destination picker came to me by chance. As I researched ideas for new random generators, I noticed that some people had searched “random US counties” on Google. I’m from Finland and not from the US, and I wasn’t really aware of the county system.

I noticed a generator like this didn’t exist yet, so I made one myself.