This random TV show generator recommends the best TV shows to watch. The randomizer features hundreds of acclaimed and award winning series – and more.

Looking for new things to watch? This generator for random TV shows suggests a random TV series from a pool of over 300 shows.

The randomizer features critically acclaimed and award winning series, shows from random countries, and completely random good series.

Random TV Shows Generator

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What Included in the Randomizer?

The random tv show generator includes 326 different series. Here’s a more comprehensive rundown of its contents:

1) Critically Acclaimed Series

The generator features 58 TV series that boast both a 100 % perfect critic’s score and a 60 % Fresh audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. I have also included all series that have a season with a score of 91 or higher on Metacritic.

I also added the 100 Top Rated TV Shows on IMDb as well as random entries from Rolling Stone’s list of 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time.

2) Award Winning TV Series

The randomizer also includes random Primetime Emmy Awards for Best Drama Series and Best Comedy Series. To make the generator less USA-centric, I also included random British Academy Television Award (BAFTA) winners for Best Drama Series.

3) TV Shows from Random Country

At its heart, this website is a sustainable travel blog. To add even more international suggestions, I used my own Random Country Generator to get dozens of random countries. Whenever available, I included a popular series with a good IMDb rating from each country in the mix.

4) Completely Random Good TV Shows

Getting suggestions of acclaimed television and streaming shows is great, but such recommendations offer few surprises. To make this random TV shows generator truly random, I included several completely random good TV shows.

To achieve this, I used Internet Movie Database with a random number generator. Each entry on IMDb has a title number between 1 and 9915994. I picked hundreds of random numbers from that range, and checked the titles that showed up.

Whenever the title was an episode for a television show, I checked the main page of the series. If the show had a rating of 6.0/10 or more, I added it to the randomizer.

+ A Few Personal Recommendations

As I have done in my other random entertainment pickers (e.g. random board games, random movies and random video games), I included a few personal picks in the recommendations. In this case, there are four personal recommendations in the random TV show picker.

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