Travel Psychology – The Psychology of Travel

How traveling affects your mind? How does it feel to travel full-time? These blog posts deal with the psychology of travel.

Besides a traveler and a former journalist, I’m also a clinical psychologist here in Finland. As I combine my interests, writing about the psychology of travel in my travel blog has felt like a natural choice for me.

I don’t just want to show different destinations. Pictures and descriptions are nice, but I want to offer you more depth. I want you to know what I’m feeling as I travel. I wrote most of these stories during my 2-year trip around the world.

The Psychology of Travel

The following texts deal with the psychology of travel. They are mainly based on my personal experiences, although I occasionally use other sources as well.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Main article: Meditation for Travel

I have done daily meditation while traveling. The following blog posts deal with mindfulness and meditation from a secular and scientific perspective.  I haveve written about the popular Vipassana Dhamma silent meditation retreats and popular mindfulness mobile apps Calm and Headspace.

Although this section of my blog has the least to do with traveling, I think that meditation and travel very often go hand in hand.