Looking for a random UNESCO World Heritage Site? This random UNESCO Site generator picks you a random landmark from over a thousand options.

At the time of writing (November 2022), the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites contains 1,154 properties in 167 countries. 897 of those entries are cultural, 218 natural and the rest (39) are a mix of both.

Writing about all the UNESCO Sites would be too much work for one person. It would also be unnecessary, as UNESCO has the full list with tons of information on their website. Check their site for further information.

I am a sustainable travel blogger and I visited several UNESCO World Heritage Sites during my 2-year trip around the world. If I’ve written about a monument, a link to the blog post will appear in the generator. Each result comes with a link to the site’s location on Google Maps.

Anyway, you’re here for a random UNESCO World Heritage site generator and not for this boring wall of text. Just scroll a bit further to pick your landmark. 

Random UNESCO World Heritage Site Picker

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Special thanks to my friend Lauri for creating the original code for the generator.

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If you use this random generator to choose a landmark to visit, I’d love to hear about it! 🙂 You can share your results and travel plans in the comment section below or contact me on Facebook or Instagram.

The picture at the top is from my trip to the Giza Pyramids in Egypt.

This generator started an outpouring of random generators on Arimo Travels. Creating this generator took a few days, but I learnt to streamline my workflow in the process. After the World Heritage Site Picker I created nearly 20 other random generators in the following months.