This random city in France generator includes all 473 French towns and cities with over 20,000 inhabitants.

In France, the term commune refers to population centers like cities, towns and municipalities. In 2019, there 473 French communities had more than 20,000 inhabitants. This random French city generator includes all of them.

Random French City Generator

Each result of the generator includes the region and the population of the location. Click the button below to get your random commune in France!

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How I Made the Randomizer

I created this random French city name generator in December 2022. I used Wikipedia’s list of French communes as my source. At the time of writing, the list and its French counterpart didn’t list more recent populations of the locales.

This is not the only random city generator that I have created. I have created similar country-based generators for Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom (and England), and the United States (and its states California, Florida, and Texas) as well.

Those are not the only random city generators that I’ve made. I have also made random city generators for different regions and continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the whole world.

All the city pickers are based on the same code that my friend Lauri originally wrote for my Random Country Generator. Besides these city and country randomizers, I have made dozens of other random generators.

You can see the full list here.

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I haven’t visited any random cities in France, but I’ve been in the country twice. I visited France for the first time during my 2-year trip around the world. On that trip, I went to visit an old gentleman called Michel whom I had met in Nepal.

I have written about our meetings in a blog post called Remembering Michel Felet (Travel Memory #1).

In 2022, I went to Paris for a week on a mostly flightless trip. The picture at the top is from that visit. I was supposed to continue my journey to Iceland, but COVID changed my plans.

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