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Random Destination Generator (Any Country in the World)

Looking for a random country generator? This random destination generator picks you one random country anywhere in the world.

I love traveling to random destinations.

Before my 2-year trip around the world, I picked one completely random destination (and ended up in Kenya). I’ve also thrown darts on the map of Europe and tried several other ways to pick random destinations.

I created this random country generator for travellers who’d like to pick a random destination. If you want to pick a destination in a more limited region, you can use one of my other random destination generators:


(If you were looking for a random country generator that would create a fictional country, you’re unfortunately in the wrong place. My random destination generator that will pick you one random-but-existing nation.)

The Random Country Generator

The list of countries in my random country picker is based on the US Government’s A-Z List of Country and Other Area Pages from their website. Because of this, the random destinations includes states  such as Palestinian Territories and Taiwan.

With some results, I’ve included links to my travel blog posts from those countries. These posts may give you some ideas for things to see and experience in your future destination.

If you want to use the random destination generator seriously, I recommend that you make sure you have to commit to your first result. Maybe you should shoot a video of your destination lottery?

Okay, enough explaining already. Go ahead and use the random country picker if you dare!

Your random destination is…

Special thanks for my friend Lauri K for helping me program this random destination generator!

* * *

Ps. If you use this random destination generator for real to pick a random destination, I’d love to hear about it! You can share your results and plans/experiences in the comments below or email me at [email protected]

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