Looking for a random game to play? This random video game generator picks computer games from hundreds of options.

Finding good computer and console games to play is hard. This random video game picker can help.

The randomizer picks the names of random video games from a pool of 200+ games. The games come from the following categories:

  1. The best video games of all time
  2. Other significant and award-winning games
  3. Completely random games and games from random countries
    + A few personal picks

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Random Video Game Generator

This computer game randomizer offers a mix of the best video games of all time as well as some obscure choices. Each result shows why the game is included in the list.

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How the Games Were Selected

I have picked the entries of this generator by hand. My goal was to create diverse selection of great games that acknowledges the history of gaming. The games on the list fall into different groups:

1) The Best Video Games of All Time

I used a few sources to find the greatest games ever. First, the generator includes the highest rated video games of all time from Metacritic. I’ve included all games that have had an average score of 95/100 or more.

Second, I picked random entries from IGN’s list of Top 100 Video Games of All Time. And last, I took random games from the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die. The book includes many historically significant older games.

2) Award-Winning Games

The randomizer includes winners of several Game of the Year awards. These include Games of the Year from the Game Awards (and its predecessor Spike Video Game Awards), Game Developers Choice Award as well as the Golden Joystick Award.

To add more variety to the generator, I also included all winners of the Independent Games Festival’s Seumas McNally Grand Prize.

3) Random Games and Countries

I used MobyGames’ random game feature to add completely random games. These games can be just about anything, and there’s no guarantee of their quality. 

Next, I used my own random country generator to pick dozens of random countries. After all, this website is a travel blog at heart, so I wanted to give the generator some global flavor.

Whenever available, I added one game from each country to the list. I tried to pick good games, although that wasn’t always possible (I’m looking at you, North Korea).

+) Personal Picks

Last and least, I added a few personal choices to the list. These include all sorts of PC, console and mobile games from the last 30 years. All of these games bring something unique to the generator.

Having a random video game name generator on a travel blog is, yes, very random. However, I have a long history with video games.

In fact, my first memory ever is about the Jurassic Park game on Sega Mega Drive (Genesis). I remember being so scared of the game’s intro that I turned the console off and ran away. I was probably three or four years old.

I have also worked as a journalist. When I was younger, I wrote game reviews for a few Finnish publications.

This is not the only entertainment randomizer on Arimo Travels. I have created similar generators for other topics such as movies and music, too. You can find all the randomizers here.