Looking for a random city in the state of Florida? From Alachua to Zephyrhills, this random generator includes all the major towns and cities of Florida.

Florida is the home of 22 million people. That makes it the third most populated state in the United States after California and Texas. This randomizer picks random cities in Florida. You can use the generator to pick a travel destination or something else.

Random City in Florida Generator

I’ve based this random generator on Wikipedia’s list of municipalities in Florida.

I have included all the cities and towns with more than 10,000 people in the 2020 census. The results also show the population of each location. In total, there are 168 different municipalities in the randomizer.

Click below to get your random city in Florida!

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Most of my generators are related to traveling, but there are a few exceptions. For example, I have created generators for random movies to watch and random things to do.

I have never been to Florida myself. During my world tour, I visited three US states: California, Nevada and Arizona. I arrived in California on a cargo ship from New Zealand. After three weeks in California, a short visit to Las Vegas and a while in Arizona, I continued my trip to Mexico.