Looking for the best road trip ideas in the United States? This random USA road trip generator picks random American road trips from over 150 options.

The United States is full of road trip opportunities. However, choosing a route from all the options can be difficult. This random US road trip generator will solve that problem.

I haven’t personally made any road trips in the United States. I arrived in the country on a cargo ship from New Zealand during my 2-year trip around the world. After disembarking in Oakland, California, I traveled to the Mexican border in Arizona on public transport.

So, even though I’ve spent hours on Greyhound buses, I haven’t sat behind the wheel in the country. Luckily that’s not an issue here.

To create this random trip generator, I went through several websites that listed ideas for the best road trips in the US. In the end, I found over 150 road trip ideas that I added in the generator. Each entry in the generator includes a link to a website with more guidance and information.

Random Road Trip Generator (USA)

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Special thanks to my friend Lauri for creating the original code for the generator.

About the Random Road Trip Generator USA

To create this randomizer, I searched “best road trips USA” on Google and went through the first 13 pages. I tried to skip all the duplicate results and ended up with over 150 road trip ideas for the USA that I added in this random vacation picker.

Here’s a list of all the sources that I used in the generator:

About This Website

This website, Arimo Travels, is a sustainable travel blog that I started during my trip around the world. Besides tips for sustainable travel, the site is also full of random destination generators. You can find them all on the page Random Generators.

This generator is not the only destination generator for the US that I’ve created. I’ve also created generators for US States and Cities:

If you had ideas for other random travel generators that I could create, you can share your thoughts in the comment below! You can also use the comment section to share your results and travel plans for your road trip in the United States.

The picture at the top is from my visit to Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.

Most of my random generators offer very simple results. Everybody knows what’s included in a Random US State Generator, but how do you pick random road trips? To solve the problem, I outsourced my research to other sites, bringing together the most popular road trips in the US.