Articles about hiking, meditation, psychology… Here’s everything else that Arimo Travels has to offer.

These topics are not instantly visible on the main page. However, that doesn’t make them any less meaningful. They just do not fit on the current focus of Arimo Travels, so I pushed them aside to make more space for other things on the menu.


Hiking never was a main focus of Arimo Travels. However, it is an important part of my travels, and after my 2-year trip around the world, I realized I had written multiple articles about hiking abroad. Therefore I collected them all on the Hiking Abroad page.


During my years as a full-time traveler, I meditated daily and participated in a 10-day silent meditation retreat. Mindfulness and meditation are close to my heart, so I collected all my articles about these topics on the Meditation for Travel page. I titled the page “Meditation for Travel” instead of “Meditation” to make it more desirable for Google searches.


Even though Psychology is now shelved at the bottom of the More list, the psychology of travel used to be one of the main themes of Arimo Travels. I’ve always liked to write about the mental side of travel, and psychology is also my profession now. After finishing my trip around the world, I returned to Finland to finish my Master’s Degree in Psychology. Many of these texts are personal reflections written during my years on the road.