Land ahoy! This random Oceanian country generator will help you raise the anchor and set sail towards a random country in Oceania.

Oceania is a geographic region that consists of Australasia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. It’s also an ideal travel destination with several South Pacific island nations to choose from.

This random Oceanian country generator will help you make that choice. The generator chooses between 26 possible destinations in Oceania. Fourteen of these are independent countries while the rest are overseas territories of other countries. You can see the full list at

UPDATE 2022: If you want to pick a random island country anywhere in the world, you can use the Random Island Country Generator.

Random Oceania Country Generator

Click the “Pick a Destination” button below to get your random country in Oceania!

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Special thanks to my friend Lauri for creating the original code for the generator.

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If you use this random destination generator for Oceania to choose a random travel destination, I’d love to know about it! 🙂 You can share your results and travel plans in the comment section below or contact me on Facebook or Instagram.

I have created five “continental” country randomizers. It has been interesting to compare the clicks they get. Here’s how many viewers they’ve had in their first years:

  1. Random European Country Generator (24,000 views)
  2. Random Asian Country Generator (14,000 views)
  3. Random Country in Latin America and the Caribbean (7,300 views)
  4. Random Country in Africa (7,000 views)
  5. Random Oceania Country Generator (1,800 views)

As you can see, this one is the least popular entry by a wide margin.