This Random Language Generator features all the languages of the world. Use the generator to pick a random language!

What qualifies as a language? The line between a dialect and a language is not set in stone. Sometimes politics affect the sorting, too. For example, China calls different varieties of Chinese dialects even when their speakers barely understand each other.

In this case, I have left the distinctions to professionals. This Random Language Generator is based on Ethnologue’s list of all the languages in the world.

UPDATE 2023: All the results now include links to Google searches about the language in question, making further research easier than before.

The website says they have information about all 7,151 living languages of the world. However, their list actually has 7,562 languages. Some of these languages are extinct or more like dialects than separate languages. I have included them all on this randomizer.

Random Language Generator

What kind of languages are included on the generator? This generator uses real languages. Esperanto is included, but fictional languages like Elvish and Klingon are not.

The results only show the name of the language – as I create these generators by hand, adding over 7,000 links to the results would have felt like too much work.

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Special thanks to my friend Lauri for creating the original code for the generator.

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This website, Arimo Travels, is a sustainable travel blog that I started during my 2-year trip around the world. This is not the only random generator on the site. I have created over 30 other generators, including many random country generators. These include randomizers for Spanish speaking countries, French speaking countries and other languages.

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Randomness has always been a big part of my travels. I have let my blog followers choose where I’m going. I have also thrown darts on the map of Europe to pick destinations. I have even traveled to a completely random place anywhere in the world!

Why I Made This Generator

But why languages? Most of my generators are connected to traveling, and languages are a big part of that. I am an avid fan of languages, too. Besides my native tongue Finnish, I have taken classes in 10 other languages.

The picture at the top is from Cosmic Brontosaurus Language School in Pokhara, Nepal. During my trip around the world, I took three weeks of private lessons in the Nepali language in the language school.

Ps. The languages I’ve studied are English, Finnish Sign Language, French, German, Japanese, Latin, Nepali, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

I had the idea for a random language generator for a long time, but I thought it might be too much work. With its 7,000+ entries, this is the largest random generator that I’ve done. My random UNESCO World Heritage Site generator holds the second place with its 1,161 entries.

I know some of you were looking for a random fictional language generator, but unfortunately this isn’t it.