Looking for random charities to donate to? This random charity generator helps you find reliable and efficient charitable organizations.

How can you donate as effectively as possible? Where should you donate to? This random charity generator helps you do good.

To create this charity randomizer, I went through multiple charity evaluator sites. These sites rate the effectiveness of different charities. Most results come with a link to a charity review site, so you can check the figures by yourself before donating.

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How Much Should You Donate to Charity?

There’s no single answer to this question. Personally, I like the concept of Dana (Charity) practice that’s present in Buddhism. Many Buddhist organizations encourage people to donate an affordable sum that “feels significant” and isn’t meaningless to the donor.

The more you donate, the more you help and the smaller fraction of your donor goes to fundraising itself. Organizations prefer monthly donors as they keep the fundraising costs low and support continuity in their work.

For a single donation, a sum of 10-50 US$ or euros works great. If you’re not sure how much to give, you can use a random number generator to pick a sum.

How the Random Charities Were Chosen

I made this random charity generator by going through multiple charity review sites. After creating a list of over 200 different charities, I trimmed the group by 20 percent.

In the beginning, the possible results emphasized certain topics such as animal welfare too much. I narrowed the results down to make the pool of charities more balanced and versatile.

As I was creating the list, I tried to avoid denominational charities that are related to a specific religion. And as my site is global, I skipped over most national charities that only operate in the United States.

What Charity Evaluators Did I Use?

To create this charity randomizer, I used the following charity review websites to find highly ranked and effective charities:

Most of these evaluate the charity’s effectiveness on the subject. For example, Founders Pledge creates comprehensive summary reports and analyses about the most impactful ways to help with specific issues.

Charity Watch focuses on the governance and transparency of the organizations. They highlight where only a tiny portion of the donations go to fundraising and the organization itself.

Some of those sites have their own charity funds. For example, you can donate to GiveWell who will assign the donations to the philanthropies they consider the best.

If you wish to maximise the impact of your donations, I recommend picking organizations recommended by Founders Pledge, Giving What We Can and GiveWell. You can also check the website of Effective Altruism to learn more about the topic of high-impact giving.

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This website, Arimo Travels, is originally a travel blog that focuses on sustainable travel. I have also created dozens of random generators for this site. Most of the randomizers are random destination pickers (e.g. random city in the world), but there are several exceptions.

I haven’t seen a similar random charity picker before, so I decided to make one myself. I hope the randomizer has helped you find a truly random act of kindness!

Ps. The photo at the top is from Paraty, Brazil, a town that I visited during my mostly flightless 2-year trip around the world.