Do you want to pick a random country in Asia? This random Asian country generator chooses you a random travel destination in Asia.

I have a long history with random travel. Ever since I started solo traveling, I’ve picked random travel destinations in several different ways. I even travelled to a completely random destination anywhere in the world!

This guide is a random Asian country generator that gives you a random destination in Asia. I’ve also written blog posts about other ways to choose a random destination and my own random travel experience.

Random Destination Picker for Asia

The random Asian destination picker chooses between 50 Asian states. I took the list of Asian countries from

The possible random countries include Armenia and Cyprus. These countries are politically considered to be part of Europe, but they are geographically located in West Asia. Taiwan is also included despite its limited  recognition.

I spent over 9 months of my 2-year trip around the world in Asia. Therefore many of the results include links to my blog posts from those Asian countries.

Click the “Pick a Country” button below to get your random country in Asia!

Your random destination in Asia is…

Special thanks for my friend Lauri K for helping me program this random Asian country generator!

Other Destination Generators

I previously made a random country generator that picks random countries anywhere in the world. The generator worked so well that I decided to use the same basis for other destination pickers:

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Ps. If you use this random Asian country generator to pick a travel destination in Asia, I’d love to hear your result! You can share the country and your plans/experiences in the comments or contact me on Instagram (@arimotravels).