Looking for a good random movie to watch? This random movie generator picks acclaimed random films from multiple sources.

How do you create a random movie generator with entertaining results? Using a readymade list of top movies can yield narrow results. This film randomizer mixes critically acclaimed films, movie award winners as well as completely random good movies to create a diverse pool of movies.

You can read more about the generator’s pool of films further below. However, you can also skip that part and simply use the generator to find something new to watch at home or at a cinema.

Random Movie Generator (Good Movies Only)

Click the button below to get a random movie to watch! The entries explain why the film is in the generator.

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Special thanks to my friend Lauri for creating the original code for the generator.

About the Random Movie Generator

Just like my Random Song Generator, this movie roulette includes hundreds of entries from different sources. Here’s a walkthrough on how the films were randomized. Many films came up through multiple methods, but they appear only once in the generator.

1) Highest Rated Movies

This random movie generator includes the top 100 movies from Internet Movie Database’s (IMDb) highest rated movies. Most of these films are modern classics loved by a big audience.

2) Critically Acclaimed Films

Websites Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic collect reviews to show a film’s reception on a wider scale. Rotten Tomatoes lists how many reviews are positive, while Metacritic converts reviews to a scale from 1 to 100.

I included all the films that have a perfect critic’s score (100 %) on Rotten Tomatoes as well as a fresh (60 % or higher) score from the general audience. I also added all the films that have a perfect or almost perfect score (98-100) on Metacritic.

Rotten Tomatoes’ films with perfect scores include lots of new documentaries , while Metacritic leans more on older movies.

3) Lists of Greatest Films of All Time

Every ten years, the magazine Sight and Sound organizes a critic’s poll of the greatest films ever made. At the time of writing, the newest list is from 2012 – the next one will be revealed in November 2022. My random movie generator has the first 50 movies from the list of Sight and Sounds.

I also added random entries from the book 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die. These lists added multiple international films to the randomizer.

4) Award Winning Films

Despite using different methods, my generator emphasized films from the United States. To add critically acclaimed films from different eras and regions, I added random Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or Winners and Academy Winners for Best International Feature.

Some of these Cannes and Oscar winners are almost forgotten, so this method added multiple “forgotten gems” to the randomizer.

5) Completely Random Good Movies

Finding completely random good movies was not easy. Still, I managed to find some with the help of Internet Movie Database (IMDb) and a random number generator.

Every entry in IMDb has a title number between one (Carmencita, 1894) and over 9,9 million. I used hundreds of random numbers to find random movies from the database. However, I only included the movies that had a minimum rating of 6.0/10 to the generator.

This method took hours of work. Most titles in IMDb are TV show episodes instead of movies, and many numbers are unused. As smaller numbers yielded more film results, I occasionally replaced the first one or two numbers of an ineligible entry with zeros. This added more old films to the generator.

6) Personal Picks

Finally, I finished the film randomizer with a few personal choices that complement the list. Some of these films are quite obscure, but I personally think they deserve to be seen by a wider audience.

About Arimo Travels

In case you’re wondering, this website is a sustainable travel blog. Finding a random film generator on a travel site can feel a bit random, but there’s a reason for it.

Randomness is a big part of my travels and this website. I have traveled to completely random destinations and I encourage others to do the same. The first random generators on this site were random destination generators for different countries of the world (e.g. a random country in Europe).

Most of my random generators still focus on travel and random destinations, but I’ve also created a few for other purposes. These include a generator for random things to do as well as this random film generator. You can find the full list of randomizers on my page Random Generators.

If this generator picks you a random movie that you watch, I’d love to hear about your experiences! You can share your results and opinions in the comment section below.

Random Generator

This random movie generator strays quite far from my website’s main focus, traveling. To add some global flavor, I added international award winning films to the mix.

Searching completely random films led to some funny coincidences. For example, the generator includes a movie from my home country, Finland. The film (Distractions) even stars one of my favorite actors!