Looking for a random city in Africa? This random African city generator picks a random place from any country in Africa.

Are you here to pick an exotic random travel destination? Or maybe you’re just bored and wish to spend a few moments learning the names of random cities. Whatever the reason, this random African city generator is for you.

Random City in Africa

From Algeria to Zimbabwe, this random African city generator selects random places from all the countries of Africa. Click the button below to get your random city!

Your random city in Africa is…


Special thanks to my friend Lauri for creating the original code for the generator.

How the Random African Cities Were Selected

Like my other random city generators this random African city generator is based on Wikipedia’s list of cities and towns with over 100,000 inhabitants. However, I’ve tailored my generator to offer more diverse results.

The most populated countries in Africa – such as Egypt and Nigeria – have dozens of cities. To increase the chances of hitting cities in smaller countries, I’ve limited the amount of cities in the generator to 10 per country. Most countries have less than 10 cities of 100,000+ people. In these cases, I’ve included all the cities in the country.

I have some experience in random travel in Africa. Before my 2-year trip around the world, I chose a completely random destination anywhere in the world. This destination lottery sent me to Kenya. I also let my blog followers choose my overland route from two options (Central America and southern Africa), and Africa won the poll.

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And if you use this generator to do something interesting, please do share it! You can write your plans and results in the comment section below.

The picture at the top is from my visit to Cairo, Egypt.

Most random generators out there are done with minimal effort. They use some algorithm to pick random entries from a list, but they rarely explain the process. In most cases, they use 100-500 items from a public source. In the case of cities, that usually means the biggest cities in a region.

I’ve wanted to put a bit more effort into my city pickers. To achieve this, I’ve tailored the pool of cities by hand. Such method might make the randomizer feel a bit less “random”, but I think it makes the results more diverse and interesting.