Sometimes unplanned journeys lead to unexpected adventures, sometimes they don’t. In Liechtenstein, they did not.

At the time of writing, I’ve been to 68 different countries. I’ve spent a total of 3 years of my life on trips abroad. On average, I’ve spent 16 days in each country that I’ve visited.

I don’t often rush through a country just so I can say I’ve been there. However, Liechtenstein was an exception.

No photos here. But do note my amazing Snake II record!

Simpler Times without a Smartphone

I bought my first smart phone right before my 2-year trip around the world. Before that, I had used old Nokia 3310 phones for years. Young folks might not remember it, but 3310 was an ancient model that would let you make calls, send text messages and play Snake II.

(Nokia 3310 is also famous for memes about its indestructibility, though I managed to break several.)

I was a later adopter with new technology, and that affected my first trips. I had to look for internet cafeterias to get online. When I arrived in a new place, I had to look for a city map to know my whereabouts.

I didn’t plan my trips very far ahead, and I often walked aimlessly in new destinations. Sometimes I found interesting spots, sometimes I didn’t.

In Liechtenstein, I did not.

The way I chose my destinations. As I only had three weeks to travel, I had to aim towards the center.

There and Back

My visit to Liechtenstein wasn’t very planned. Before my first Interrail trip, I picked destinations by throwing darts on the map of Europe. One of the five darts hit Feldkirch, a small Austrian village that just happened to be a few kilometers from Liechtenstein. 

Being so close, I simply knew I had to visit Liechtenstein. However, my time was very limited, so I could only squeeze in a very short day trip. So I took a bus or train to Liechtenstein, walked around for a few hours and then headed back.

I didn’t meet anyone and I mainly walked outside the city on a small country road. The views were probably nice. However, I have no photo evidence of them, as I lost my camera the next week when I got mugged in Turin, Italy.

With no photos and little memories, there’s not much I have to say about my trip to Liechtenstein – except that I’ve been there.

All the random destinations of my first Interrail trip.

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