In the last few months, I have created 18 new random generators, raising their total number to 44.

Even though it’s not the main focus of this site, I’ve really enjoyed creating all sorts of random generators. Most of them are related to traveling. Others, not so much.

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My first random generator was a random country generator. My friend Lauri helped me create it way back in 2018. At that point, I had just visited Kenya, a completely random destination I had picked by circling a spot on the globe while blindfolded.

Since then, the amount of randomizers here has kept growing. The generators have become more diverse and complex, too.

A New Patch of Generators

After finishing my series of 30 travel memories, I focused on random generators next. I decided to execute all the ideas for randomizers I had before moving on to the other things.

And so, in the last few months, I ended up creating 18 new random generators:

Simple City Pickers

These were the easiest random generators to create. I decided to create random city pickers for popular countries and the three largest US states.

Simple Yet Massive Generators

The United States has over 3,000 counties, and there are over 7,000 known languages in the world. These are the largest generators that I’ve done.

The 8 Complex Generators

The four entertainment generators follow the formula of my Random Movie Generator. In other words, I’ve used multiple sources to find highly rated, award winning and completely random entries. The other generators are all complex in their own ways.

The picture at the top comes from the writing prompt generator. It was done with the help of OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 art generator.

Random ideas for stories to write story prompts
Randomly generated illustration for a random generator

A Random “Random Generator” Generator

Now there are 44 different random generators on Arimo Travels. That amount can feel overwhelming, so I made a 45th generator to help: a random generator randomizer!

Your random random generator is…


A Post from a Mostly Flightless Travel Blog

Some of the randomizers are not directly connected to traveling. Even in those cases, I’ve included some international flavor in the mix. The generators for random board games, books, recipes, TV shows and video games all feature entries from completely random countries.