This website has gone through a complete overhaul. Here’s a summary of all the revisions.

In 2016, I started Arimo Travels to write about long-term travel and my own 2-year trip around the world. After finishing the trip, I restarted the blog in 2019 with a focus on sustainable and flightless travel.

In recent months, I have spent countless hours upgrading the website. Here’s everything that has changed in 2022.

“It’s-a Me, Arimo!”

1) New Design and Slogan

This is the most visible change. I wanted to make the site feel more personal, so I commissioned my artist friend to create new illustrations. These pictures are featured all over the site.

I also changed the blog’s tagline from “Sustainable Travel Blog” to “More Than a Travel Blog”. I still focus on sustainability, but the new slogan reflects the site’s expanded identity. I offer much more than blog posts, and even the blog posts themselves are made to stand out.

Which brings us to the next addition…

Commentaries, commentaries everywhere

2) Commentary Tracks in All Posts

Every single post and page now features a new commentary track. Yes, I revisited all 200+ posts on this site. And yes, it took me ages.

Wherever you go on this site, scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll find a commentary about the content. You can go to the very first blog post, a tiny announcement about the blog’s hiatus or anywhere else and you’ll find something new.

A Series of Travel Memories
The 30 Travel Memories were a massive undertaking.

3) New Content and Updated Pages

This has been the most active year of Arimo Travels. For example, I wrote a series of 30 Travel Memories about my past travels. I have also created over two dozen new Random Generators.

I followed the travel memories with stories from Luxembourg and Iceland. Now that they’re out, I have published something from all 68 countries that I’ve ever visited!

I keep creating new content, but I also try to keep the site organized. Therefore I’ve updated all the pages on the site.

The Travel Destinations page has a new layout and an interactive map. The About section features updated information as well as an interactive introduction. And just for the fun of it, I added a random “random generator” generator to the Random Generator page.

All the countries I’ve been to + Canada

More to Come

Now that I’ve finished the upgrade of Arimo Travels, I can once again focus on content. I will be posting more flightless and sustainable travel guides in the future. And beginning with my Random City in Canada Generator, I have started to write about countries I have never been to.

As I try to live sustainably, I am not going to visit many new countries in the near future. However, I will cover more of the world in this website, slowly painting over the grey areas in the map above.