Are you looking for a random location generator? These two random place generators are designed to make discovering diverse locations easier than ever before.

I have created dozens of random generators for Arimo Travels. While my current focus is on sustainable travel guides, I enjoy adding new randomizers whenever I come up with exciting ideas that I find worth implementing.

Introducing Two New Random Location Generators

I have recently developed two new randomizers for locations all around the world. The first one is a random coordinate generator that provides random geographical coordinates anywhere on Earth. You can find it here:

The second one is a random place generator that offers over 400 different types of places, ranging from ashrams and ATMs to yoga studios and zoos. 

The development of the latter generator was a meticulous process involving approximately 15 hours of work on a spreasheet. I created the generator by hand to ensure truly surprising results.

pick a random location worldwide
Image from Google Earth

Other Methods for Selecting Random Locations

In addition to these two generators, there are various ways to choose random locations worldwide.

Google Earth features an “I’m Feeling Lucky” button that suggests a variety of locations such as breweries, parks, and towers. However, unlike my random location generator, Google Earth’s feature seems to prioritize more well-documented countries.

For those seeking unconventional places worldwide, I recommend exploring Atlas Obscura. Their website showcases over 25,000 extraordinary locations on Earth, and they even provide a button for selecting one at random.

And of course, if you prefer to focus on specific types of locations, I recommend checking my back catalog of around 50 different randomizers. These include generators for random cities, islands, and UNESCO World Heritage sites, and more.

Embark on an adventure of exploration with these random location generators. Click on the links above and start discovering fascinating places around the world today!

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