Are you looking for a random place in the world? This random place generator picks diverse locations from various options, ensuring a truly random experience.

While there are many random place generators available, most of them lack true randomness. It’s great to discover random places, but if the results are solely cities, it becomes less surprising. 

My random place generator prioritizes the element of randomness. The results encompass more than 400 different types of places, ranging from ashrams and avenues to oilfields and zoos. I have included random places from every country in the world, and even a few from international waters.

If you are interested in learning about the background of this location randomizer, you can find more information at the end of this page. Alternatively, you can dive right in and use the generator below.

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Development of the Random Place Generator

This random place generator is not the only one available on my website. I have also developed other generators that focus on specific types of places, such as random cities, islands, and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Creating this random destination generator required careful planning and approximately 15 hours of work on a Google Sheets file.

The basic code of this randomizer is shared with around 50 other random generators on this site.

In this case, I aimed to include as many types of places as possible. To begin, I referenced some incomprehensive lists for place types in Google Maps and HERE, using them as a starting point. I then  added various place types that I discovered or thought of during the following weeks.

The majority of the work was completed in a single extensive spreadsheet. I looped a list of all the countries in one column and blocks of different place types in another.

Over the course of several weeks, I continued to work in short bursts. I searched for places on Google Maps and added them to the growing list.

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Other Methods for Selecting Random Places

There are various ways to pick a random place in the world aside from this generator.

If you’re interested in picking a completely random location, I recommend trying my other randomizer that provides random coordinates anywhere on Earth.

Other options can be found on the internet as well. Google Earth offers an “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. While Google doesn’t disclose the specifics of its algoritm, it suggests a variety of locations like museums, lakes and mountain peaks. Google Earth’s feature appears to emphasize popular, well-documented destinations more than my randomizer.

For those seeking weird and cool places worldwide, I suggest exploring Atlas Obscura. Their website focuses on some of the most unusual locations on Earth, and they even have a button to randomly select a place from their extensive catalog of over 25,000 locations.

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This randomizer was partly inspired by a university course I took several years ago. During that time, I studied a bit of journalism alongside my primary focus on psychology. In one particular course, we were tasked with creating a hyperlocal online publication.

In the realm of media, hyperlocal refers to a very narrow focus on a specific community. While most of my peers covered their own streets and neighborhoods, my course partner and I decided to take it a step further. 

We defined a tiny area of approximately 10 square meters (about a hundred square feet) within a nearby forest and reported on the events occurring in that small patch of woodland. Although not much happened there, we wrote about the ants, leaves and other seemingly insignificant aspects.

With this generator, my intention was to blend the global with the hyperlocal. While the results encompass regions from all over the world, they can be as specific as individual trees and roundabouts.

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