About me


I am Arimo Koo, a 25-year-old former journalist and psychology student from Lappeenranta, Finland. After countless years of dreaming, two years of active saving and months of planning, I have finally started what I’ve always wanted to do: a trip around the world.

About the trip

To begin my journey around the world, I sold most of my furniture, quit my job and put my studies on an indefinite hiatus. Thus, I don’t have a set date for my return to Finland. I have estimated that the trip will take at least two years to complete. Besides traveling around the world, I’m also planning to visit all the continents of the world during my trip.

About the blog

Although this blog has my own name in it’s title, I’m not writing just about myself and my experiences. Instead, my goal is to help and inspire others who are interested in traveling to take the first (or second, or 1,000th) step and throw themselves into the world of adventuring. That is why a huge chunk of this blog’s content will deal with travel advice, instructions and deliberation that might help others find their own path.

This blog can be seen as some sort of continuation for my previous travel blog Unelmien tiellä (“On the Road of Dreams” in English) from summer 2013. In Unelmien tiellä, me and my friend Olli traveled around Europe on InterRail for 20 days and asked a thousand people about their dreams for the future. The people we met wrote or drew their dreams on postcards that we posted on the blog’s website.


Do you have any questions about traveling or a particular destination? Or do you have an offer you think I shouldn’t refuse? I’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate! Fill the contact form below or send an email to arimotravels (at) gmail.com.