I’ve recently created two new random island generators. All the past random destination generators have been upgraded, too.

My random island country generator has been surprisingly popular. However, I’ve been well aware that it is not exactly what most people are looking for.

Instead of random island countries, most visitors want to find random islands anywhere in the world. However, there was no such randomizer available online – until now, that is.

My new random island generator includes thousands of islands from all the regions of the world. I know there are other island pickers out there, but I’m sure this one is the largest and the most comprehensive version.

And as a bonus, I also created a separate generator for all the islands of the Caribbean.

Updated Random Generators

At the moment, Arimo Travels hosts nearly 50 different random generators. These include 33 random destination/place/trip generators.

In the past, the results of the randomizers only included the names of the places, as well as possible links to my blog posts. However, I have now updated all the results to include links to the destinations on Google Maps.

It took me hours to update the old generators and create the new ones. I hope you enjoy them!

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