Today is July 1, 2018, the 777th and last day of my trip around the world. I just arrived in the harbour of Helsinki this morning, thus ending my journey.

I’ll write some more in-depth texts about my trip in the near future. Before all that though, I want to take this moment thank everyone who’s been part of this journey in any way.

(In fear of forgetting someone super important, I’m not mentioning many names on this list. I hope you find yourself between the lines anyway!)

Acknowledgements for Those on the Road

As a full-time traveller, I’ve been very, very dependent on the help of others during these past 2+ years. Whether I’ve needed a place to stay, information or just someone to talk to, people have been very kind to help me out.

First of all, thanks to all the kind strangers. Despite language and cultural barriers, locals and travellers alike have offered their help without hesitating. It’s just amazing and a bit overwhelming how much kindness there is in this world.

Thanks to all my hosts from Couchsurfing and elsewhere. It takes a lot of trust to invite strangers in your home, and I really appreciate all the people who’ve done it.

Thanks to all the locals, fellow travellers and old friends I’ve met along the way. Some I only met briefly, while others spent days or weeks with me. Nevertheless, all these connections and friendships have been really important and inspiring.

In other words, thank you for those who’ve made my stays happy and departures sad.

My full route around the world (May 14, 2016 – July 1, 2018)

My route around the world (May 15, 2016 – July 1, 2018)

Acknowledgements for Those Far Away

Thank s my family and friends back in Finland for all their support and caring. I’ve stayed in touch with some of you, and those messages and Skype calls have meant a lot. And even if we haven’t been in contact with some of you, it hasn’t been an issue – when we meet again, I know we’ll just continue where we last left off.

Besides turning into a long-term traveller, I also became travel blogger and writer when I started this journey. Thanks to all of you who’ve read my posts either here, on social media or on the Jylkkäri magazine. A huge thank you for all the comments and private messages, too.

(Oh, and thanks to the folks at the magazine for letting me write a travel series for them in the first place!)

I’ve had lots of help with this blog. Jussi K has offered technical assistance when necessary, and Arimo Travels is even running on his server. Markku M has assisted me with some graphics and other things, and Lauri K helped me create a very cool random destination generator. Special kudos to you guys!

I’m also grateful for fellow travel bloggers I’ve connected with on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. Although I’ve only seen very few of you in person (hi Ella and Chrisu!), I feel like the blogging community is full of friends I’m yet to meet.

Final Acknowledgement

And last but not least, a huge thank you to YOU who are reading this sentence right now. As a long-term solo traveller, I’ve felt a need to connect with others, and people like you have given me just that.

Thank you.