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Arimo Travels Will Be Back on March 2019!

Now that my 2-year trip around the world is over, my blog will take an extended hiatus.

I do have some very ambitious plans for the future of Arimo Travels. However, I want to focus on my post-travel life for a while before I take those plans into action. Pulling off something completely new will take lots of resources, and I want to be sure I can truly commit to that new phase.

Of course, all my old posts are staying here and I’ll keep replying to all your lovely comments. But if you want to see new posts, you need to wait until next year.

Safe travels everyone, I hope to see you again on January March 2019! 🙂


Update 9/2018: Just to clarify – I’m not starting a new trip in January. I’ll be staying in Finland, but this blog will venture towards a new direction!

Update 1/2019: I decided to postpone the return of my blog a little bit. I’ll return to blogging in March, so hold your breath for two more months!


  1. Sarah Cummings

    Wow! I’m excited to see where you’re gonna go next and how long this would take. Good luck on your next journey! See you next year! 😄

    • Arimo

      Thank you Sarah! 🙂 Though I must clarify that I’m not starting another trip in January – I just have other plans for my blog that don’t require traveling… 😀

  2. Jermu

    Odotan jo uusia reissujasi! 🙂 Mukava lueskella noita vanhojakin. Sattumalta tuli blogi mieleen näin 6kk jälkeen kun viimeksi lukenut.

    • Arimo

      Kiitos! 🙂 Varsinaisia uusia reissuja ei ole nyt suunnitteilla, mutta jotain muita blogikirjoituksia kuitenkin. Huomenna julkaisen kuulumispostauksen, jossa kerron millaiset fiilikset on olleet reissun jälkeen.

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