Where should I travel next? You decide!

  1. Central America (Guatemala to Panama)
  2. Africa (South Africa to Kenya)

Voting for my next destination ends on Sunday 5th of November. The option that gets more votes will be the next destination of my trip around the world.

You can either shout your favourite on the comments of this post or you can vote on the poll on my blog’s Facebook page. Or if you want to vote twice, you can do both! 🙂

2 Replies to “Choose My Next Destination – Voting Ends November 5th!”

  1. LOVE the photo of you on top of the Aztec(?) pyramid! Did you also head over to the Yucatan and visit Mayan ruins? I vote for Yucatan Peninsula! The architecture at Chichen Itza is fantastic! The coastal siting at Tulum is breathtaking. The cenotes around Akumal are awesome (maybe do a guided cavern dive!) And Cozumel island is pretty nice too (you can fly there, or just catch the ferry from Playa del Carmen).

    What, Yucatan wasn’t a choice?? Oh well. I’ll vote for Africa then.

  2. Thank you, that’s one of my favourite photos too! 🙂 It’s from the Pyramid of the Moon at Teotihuacán.

    Alright, I’ll count a vote for Africa! And don’t worry – I haven’t been to Yucatan yet, but I do plan to head there before leaving Mexico.

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