From ambient psychill to Samoan pop songs, this random song generator picks randomized tracks from all the music genres of the world.

If you’re looking for a random song to play right now, you’ve come to the right place. This song randomizer presents a mix of completely random songs and genres as well as random Grammy nominees, critic’s choices and a few personal picks.

Finding completely random music is not easy. Spotify and other music services don’t offer such a feature. Luckily this generator solves the problem.

Each track includes a link to either Spotify or YouTube. All entries explain how the song was picked by the randomizer. You can also listen to songs from the generator on this Spotify playlist.

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Special thanks to my friend Lauri for creating the original code for the generator.

About the Generator

This random generator uses a randomly picked pool of songs. Here’s how the songs were randomized.

1) Random Records

To find completely random music, I used record database Discogs. Each release listed in the website is numbered, and the numbers run from one to around 23,6 million. I used a random number generator to get completely random recordings from the database.

After this, I searched for songs from these random recordings on Spotify and YouTube. In some cases, I had to use another version of a song or another song from the same artist, while other tracks were sadly unavailable.

2) Random Music Genres

Every Noise at Once has a scatter-plot of all the 5000+ music genres on Spotify. I picked random genres from the website and used their examples of songs in each genre. This randomization adds some really fun variety to the random song generator, as it now offers anything from Turkish Trap to Vocal Trance and Finnish Blues.

3) Random Grammy Nominees and Picks from Critics

To add some “critical value” and good music to the mix, I used different ways to include acclaimed songs. First, I picked random entries from Rolling Stone’s list of “500 Greatest Songs of All Time” and the book “1001 Albums to Hear Before You Die“. I also added random songs that have been nominated for the Grammy Award for the Song of the Year.

4) Personal Additions

Finally, I added a few personal choices to the random music generator. While they are not random for me, they sure are random for you. After all, it’s quite random that you get music picks from a Finnish travel blogger.

More Randomness

This site, Arimo Travels, is a sustainable travel blog. I started the website during my 777-day trip around the world, but the site now focuses on sustainable travel tips as well as random generators.

Randomness has always been a big part of my travels. I picked the destinations of my first train journey in Europe by throwing darts on the map of Europe. I’ve also traveled to a completely random place anywhere in the world.

This Random Song Generator is not the only random generator on Arimo Travels. I have also created randomizers for random things to do, random cities and tons of other things. You can see the full list on the Random Generators page.

If you find interesting music with the song randomizer, I’d love to know about it! You can share your findings in the comment section below.

The Most Random Playlist is available on Spotify.

Creating this generator was lots of fun. Even though it’s not about traveling, I think it fits well on this website. The generator offers music from dozens of countries and cultures, letting you explore the sounds of the world. A while later, I made a Random Good Movie Generator with a similar concept.