Don’t know what to draw? This random things to draw generator gives you random drawing prompts for all sorts of doodles and art.

What should I draw? This random art prompt generator gives you random drawing ideas for all sorts of art. The generator gives you ideas for random things to draw when you’re bored or uninspired.

Random Things to Draw Generator

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Random Drawing Prompts

What kind of drawing ideas does my generator offer? The random drawing idea generator picks a drawing idea from over 200 different options. The art prompts generator should work for both fun things to sketchs as well as complex paintings.

Some random drawing generators focus on random things to draw when bored, but I decided to make my drawing ideas more versatile. I’ve included some very abstract prompts such as colors, emotions and different drawing techniques. At the same time, other drawing ideas are very specific and sometimes absurd.

About the Random Things to Draw Generator

Some years ago, I created a Random Destination Generator for Arimo Travels. The generator (and its different versions) are still among the most popular posts on this website. As my randomizer code lets me create any kind of generators, I later came up with a Random Things to Do Generator.

Arimo Travels is a sustainable travel blog, and the blog’s themes are visible in the generator. Some ideas are connected to different countries, regions and cultures, while others lean on the sustainable side of this website. If you do not like a prompt you get, you can always choose another one.

Share Your Drawings to Get Featured!

If you end up drawing an idea you get from this “What Should I Draw Generator”, I’d love to know about it! To share your creations with me, send me a message on social media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) or tag me (@arimotravels) on an Instagram post. You can even send me an email (arimotravels@gmail) or share a link to your art in the comments below.

If I get enough drawings and paintings in the future, I might update this art prompt generator with a gallery of your creations.

* * *

Special thanks to my friend Lauri K for the original programming of my random generators. You can find all my randomizers on the Random Generators page. That page also explains how randomness and random generators are connected to my travels.

I have created a few random generators that have little to do with this site’s main focus, traveling. I created this generator and my Random Things to Do Generator at the peak of the COVID pandemic. At that point, there wasn’t much point in creating destination generators.