My travel day one is just about to end. I took a bus from Jyväskylä to Helsinki, met with a friend who accompanied me to the harbor and left to Tallinn, Estonia. And now I’m here. I only had a few hours in the city before I went to the house of my Airbnb host.

Even though I just left Finland, I already got the sense of traveling going. How did it happen?

It must be the people. I sat down to take a late snack in the kitchen with my host and another guest, an old British gentleman. We had a nice discussion with the British man, who was in Tallinn for a yoga course. The man told me how he’s afraid of flying because he feared that he’d die in a plane crash. However, his yoga master had now assured him that he would not need to worry. He had a different destiny. The yoga master said he could read the man’s future from his aura. He could see that the man would die peacefully in his bed.

The British gentleman also told me about the assassination of Princess Diana and British politicians who had died in questionable circumstances. He also said that he believed that nuclear power had already been invented in Pakistan 3000 years ago.

While I don’t share the beliefs of the other quest, I truly enjoyed our discussion. It instantly put me back on the travel mode, where chance encounters broaden your thinking and new people amaze you time after time.

In other words, it reminded me why I love traveling.