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Hiking in Tonga (‘Eua Island)

If you want to do some hiking in Tonga, ‘Eua is your island of choice. The island of ‘Eua offers several beautiful opportunities for day hikes.

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Pictures from Taroko National Park, Taiwan

Taroko National Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Taiwan. Pictures from Taroko National Park cannot capture all the scale and beauty of the landscape, but here are 10+ of my better attempts.

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If You Go To Nepal, You Might Want to Visit Tansen

Now that I’m visiting Nepal for my third time, I’m trying to discover places I haven’t seen before. The tactic seems to pay off. Tansen turned out to be another great experience outside the beaten track.

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You Don’t Need Hiking Shoes (and 4 Other Tips for Traveler’s Day Hikes from an Amateur)

Many travel destinations offer spectacular hiking possibilities, but long-term travelers might be worried if they got the necessary gear needed for hiking. Here are few basic tips for traveler’s day hikes that can make your occasional walks more enjoyable.

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