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Arimo Travels Will Be Back on March 2019!

Now that my 2-year trip around the world is over, my blog will take an extended hiatus.

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The Voting Is Over – I’m Going to Africa!

Last weekend I let you vote for my next RTW destination from two options. Here are the results:

  1. Africa (South Africa to Kenya): 70 votes
  2. Central America: 46 votes
  3. “HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!”: 1 vote

Yes, the last one was my mom. 🙂 Anyway, Africa it is! Thank you so much for everyone who voted!

I’ll still be in Mexico for a while, and I’ll do a few stops in South America on the way to South Africa. The African leg of my journey will begin in late December or early January.

I still haven’t planned my route, so I’m open for all sorts of tips and suggestions!

Choose My Next Destination – Voting Ends November 5th!

Where should I travel next? You decide!

  1. Central America (Guatemala to Panama)
  2. Africa (South Africa to Kenya)

Voting for my next destination ends on Sunday 5th of November. The option that gets more votes will be the next destination of my trip around the world.

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Travel Stories for Jylkkäri Continue!

Besides writing this travel blog, I also write about my travels for Finnish university student magazine Jylkkäri (aka Jyväskylän ylioppilaslehti). Jylkkäri has recently finished their summer hiatus, and you can find my newest text for them here:

Rahtilaivalla Amerikkaan (

The text is written in Finnish. The magazine usually comes out every three weeks. You can find all my previous stories in the series here.


On Monday 10th of July, I’ll start crossing the Pacific Ocean as a passenger on a cargo ship. The whole journey from Tauranga, New Zealand to Oakland, California, takes approximately 18 days. There’s no internet connection on the ship, so I won’t be able to update my blog during the journey.

In the meantime, you can see our vessel’s location here. If you feel like reading my old blog posts, you can find most of them on the blog’s “Where Have I Been?” page.

I’ll see you in August!

A New Feature on the Site: Interactive World Map!

The blog is evolving! I just added a new “Where I’ve Been” interactive world map on the site to make following my trip around the world and finding old blog posts much easier. You can find the interactive world map from the menu above or from the link below:

Where Have I Been?

Arimo Travels Featured on Pretty Wild World!

Travel blog Pretty Wild World recently gathered travel bloggers’ experiences of traveling in the Philippines. I am one of the 12 featured bloggers. You can find the article here:

12 Foreign Travel Bloggers Share Their Experience in the Philippines (

Scuba Diving in Brunei Darussalam

Are you planning to learn scuba diving in Borneo? Have you thought about scuba diving in Brunei Darussalam?

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When I was in Nepal last October, I put the blog on a short hiatus so I could focus on writing a novel manuscript. My location is different now, but the story’s the same. I’m taking a break from blogging for a few weeks so I can finish the third (and almost final) version of that manuscript.

So, the blog will be mostly quiet for a while, although I will be sharing links to a few collaboration posts soon. I’ll start to actively blog again in February or March, so I’ll see you then!


Yesterday, I returned to my home away from home, Hotel at the End of the Universe in Nagarkot, Nepal. The first time I came here three years ago, I spent over five weeks in the hotel to work on a novel manuscript. The novel didn’t find a publisher (because it wasn’t very good 😀 ), but it taught me a lot about writing. This time, I’m only staying here for less than two weeks, but the plan is the same.

I have a new novel that I’ve intermittently written for a year now, and the first draft is 80% finished. Now, to fully focus on the novel, I’m taking a break from the blog and focus on writing the manuscript. New blog posts will start appearing again in mid-October!

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