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Mexico Travel Warning Map 2018 – Is Mexico Safe to Travel?

Is Mexico safe to travel? What are the safest places in Mexico? This Mexico travel warning map shows the current safety levels around Mexico in 2018.

(Updated in January 2018)

A lot of people who travel to Mexico are worried about their safety. While parts of Mexico are considered dangerous, other places are fairly safe for travelers. The danger level depends a lot on the area and state of Mexico.

I made this Mexico travel warning map to help other travelers visit Mexico. My safety map of Mexico combines travel warnings of three different governments: USA, Canada and Finland. You can find the original travel warnings here:

The colors of the map are based on the travel warnings of the Finnish Foreign Ministry. If you highlight a state, you’ll see what the U.S. travel advisory about the state. The green dots mark cities that have been excluded from the travel advisories of Canada.

In general, the governments of Canada and Finland recommend a high degree of caution even in the states with no specific travel advisories in effect.

Is Mexico safe to travel? The road from Hermosillo to Guaymas in Mexico.

Is Mexico safe to travel?

Is Mexico Safe to Travel? – Mexico Travel Warning Map

No Travel Advisory in Effect | Exercise Extra Caution and Stick to Typical Tourist Routes | Weak Safety Level

Important notice: This Mexico travel warning map has been last updated on 2 January 2018. Visit the government links above for detailed and updated information. My Mexico travel warning map shouldn’t be your only source of safety information.

What is the safest route through Mexico?

The safest route through Mexico would start from the northwest, either from the state of Baja California or Sonora. Although government travel advisories warn about the weak safety level in Sonora, places like Hermosillo and Guaymas are not included in the travel warnings.

Towns along the U.S. border often have a higher crime rate. Most states further south are considered fairly safe to travel. As you plan a safe route through Mexico, you should look for toll roads and prefer traveling by daylight.

Town sign in the city of Palenque. Mexico travel warning map.

Palenque in the city of Chiapas. Although the safety of Mexico remains a popular topic, you shouldn’t worry too much.

So, is Mexico safe to travel?

The question “Is Mexico safe to travel?” remains popular, but there’s no definite answer. I recently spent three months traveling through Mexico on public transport. I never felt threatened during my visit, and I can strongly recommend visiting this beautiful country.

At the same time, you should know where to stay and where not to go in Mexico. I mostly stayed in safer regions and traveled overnight as little as possible. Be cautious and use common sense, but don’t overdo it.

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The high crime rates of Mexico might scare you, but it’s important to where the numbers come from. For example, the homicides and violent crimes are often related to drug cartels. Tourists are very rarely targeted.

I cannot give you a 100 % safety guarantee, but you’ll most remain completely unharmed during your stay in Mexico.

Safe travels!


  1. Clint

    Aguascalientes is no where near Baja California. Just in case you want to fix that.

    • Arimo

      Thanks for pointing that out! Besides fixing that, I think I should do a whole 2019 update of this point some time soon.

  2. Canuck Carl

    I found this auricle very informative Arimo. Thank you! I am involved with a 4,300 kilometer relay called The Monarch Ultra. It follows the migratory path of the Monarch butterfly from Canada to Cerro Pelon Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Central Mexico. It is also being made into a documentary project. Safety is a concern, and I was googling all sorts of websites on safety in Mexico, and yours came up.

    Thanks again for the article. Here is our website if you are interested!


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