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6 Best Places to See the Himalayas in Nepal

Which towns offer the best Himalayan views in Nepal? Here are six great options that I’ve ranked based on my multiple visits to the county.

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Rice & Blood for Lunch – Staying in Nepalese Villages

I had visited Nepal two times before, but I had never strayed too far from the touristy areas. This time, my local friends from Hotel at the End of the Universe invited me to stay in their villages.

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Yesterday, I returned to my home away from home, Hotel at the End of the Universe in Nagarkot, Nepal. The first time I came here three years ago, I spent over five weeks in the hotel to work on a novel manuscript. The novel didn’t find a publisher (because it wasn’t very good πŸ˜€ ), but it taught me a lot about writing. This time, I’m only staying here for less than two weeks, but the plan is the same.

I have a new novel that I’ve intermittently written for a year now, and the first draft is 80% finished. Now, to fully focus on the novel, I’m taking a break from the blog and focus on writing the manuscript. New blog posts will start appearing again in mid-October!

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