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Things to Do on Long Train Journeys

Trains offer a relatively comfortable, cheap and environmentally friendly way of transport all around the world. Still, long train journeys can get tedious. Here are a few things to do on long train journeys.

Something about train traveling fascinates me. Maybe it’s the idea how you lock yourself out of the outside world for multiple hours. You sit, loll and walk around in this weird chain of wheeled rooms.

Without a Wi-Fi, the only means of wasting time are those that you’ve packed with you. And although you cannot go outside, you still get great, slowly changing views from the windows.

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Amateur Hiking Tips for Day Hikes

Many travel destinations offer spectacular hiking possibilities, but an amateur might be worried if they have the necessary gear needed for hiking. Here are few basic hiking tips for traveler’s day hikes that can make your occasional walks more enjoyable.

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