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Category: The Psychology of Travel

How does traveling affect your mind? How can you apply the science of psychology to improve your travels? These articles deal with the psychology of travel.

Calm vs Headspace – Which Mindfulness App Is Better?

Calm vs Headspace, Headspace vs Calm… This article compares the pros and cons of two popular mindfulness apps.

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Calm App Review (One Year of Daily Use)

Calm is one of the most popular mindfulness and meditation apps out there. This comprehensive Calm app review sums up my thoughts about the app after one year of daily use.

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How Does It Feel to Stop Traveling?

It’s been more than half a year since I finished my 777-day trip around the world. How does it feel to settle down after such a long time on the road?

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18 Months on the Road – How Have I Changed the Way I Travel?

How has the way I travel changed over time? Here are seven ways I’ve changed my traveling style after starting this 2-year trip around the world.

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Mexico City – Why I Took a Break from Traveling

I finally took a longer break from traveling. I’ve been in Mexico City for over three weeks already, and it’s been great.

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How Does It Feel to Be a Full-Time Traveler?

What is it like to be a full-time traveler? In this blog post I share my feelings about being a full-time traveler.

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What Travel Teaches You about Life and Happiness

What travel teaches you about life and happiness? In May 2016, I quit my job and studies to start an indefinite round the world trip. I’ve been traveling for a while now, so I thought I’d write something about the effects this journey has had on my thinking.

Here are a 9 things solo travel has taught me about life.

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6 Things I Miss When I Travel (and 6 Things That Are Better Now)

Life on the road is quite different from the traditional week rhythm back home.  As I write this, I’ve been backpacking for almost six months in a row. Some things are much better now, but there are things that I miss from my former life.

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