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Travel journal entries and other posts about my travel destinations.

Another 365 Days – The Second Year of My Trip Around the World

It’s time to look back at everything that happened during the second year of my trip around the world.

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Is Cairo Safe to Travel? – Safety Situation in 2018

Is Cairo safe to travel right now? What about the rest of Egypt? Read official information and my personal experiences about travel safety in Egypt.

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Visiting Cairo in 2018

Visiting Cairo in 2018 – What is it like to visit Egypt right now? This blog post is a summary of my travel experiences and impressions.

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Traveling in Africa on Public Transport

Independent overland travel in Africa – what is it like to travel in Africa on public transport? This blog post sums up my experiences from my journey.

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Random US State Generator (Random Destination)

Do you want to pick a random state in the United States? This random U.S. state generator gives you one random destination in the USA.

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Random Country in Oceania (Destination Generator)

Land ahoy! This random Oceanian country generator will help you raise the anchor and set sail towards a random country in Oceania.

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Random Country in Latin America and the Caribbean (Destination Generator)

Do you want to pick a random country in Latin America and the Caribbean? This random destination generator for Latin America gives you random country in the area.

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Random Country in Africa (Destination Generator)

Do you want to visit a random country in Africa? This random country picker chooses you a random destination in Africa.

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Random Asian Country Generator (Random Destination Picker)

Do you want to pick a random country in Asia? This random Asian country generator chooses you a random travel destination in Asia.

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Random European Country Generator (Random Destination)

Looking for a random destination in Europe? This random European country generator picks you one random country in Europe.

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