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Calm App Review (One Year of Daily Use)

Calm is one of the most popular mindfulness and meditation apps out there. This comprehensive Calm app review sums up my thoughts about the app after one year of daily use.

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What Is Half-Flightless Travel?

Arimo Travels has returned from its long hiatus. This post explains the new direction of the blog.

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How Does It Feel to Stop Traveling?

It’s been more than half a year since I finished my 777-day trip around the world. How does it feel to settle down after such a long time on the road?

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Arimo Travels Will Be Back on March 2019!

Now that my 2-year trip around the world is over, my blog will take an extended hiatus.

I do have some very ambitious plans for the future of Arimo Travels. However, I want to focus on my post-travel life for a while before I take those plans into action. Pulling off something completely new will take lots of resources, and I want to be sure I can truly commit to that new phase.

Of course, all my old posts are staying here and I’ll keep replying to all your lovely comments. But if you want to see new posts, you need to wait until next year.

Safe travels everyone, I hope to see you again on January March 2019! 🙂


Update 9/2018: Just to clarify – I’m not starting a new trip in January. I’ll be staying in Finland, but this blog will venture towards a new direction!

Update 1/2019: I decided to postpone the return of my blog a little bit. I’ll return to blogging in March, so hold your breath for two more months!

I Traveled Around the World in 777 Days

6 continents, 49 countries, 113,000 kilometers. Here’s a full summary of my trip around the world in 777 days.

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Travel Day 777 – The Trip is Over!

Today is July 1, 2018, the 777th and last day of my trip around the world. I just arrived in the harbour of Helsinki this morning, thus ending my journey.

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Goodbye Travel Life – My Homecoming Tour through Europe

My last three months have been all about reunions and farewells. I’ve slowly traveled through Europe to say goodbye to travel life.

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My Travel Budget for 1 Year of Solo Travel (2018)

How much does it cost to travel the world for one year? Here’s my travel budget for 1 year of solo travel on a budget.

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Another 365 Days – The Second Year of My Trip Around the World

It’s time to look back at everything that happened during the second year of my trip around the world.

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Is Cairo Safe to Travel? – Safety Situation in 2018

Is Cairo safe to travel right now? What about the rest of Egypt? Read official information and my personal experiences about travel safety in Egypt.

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